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Company FAQ

The Company FAQ section contains common questions and answers explaining the employment of the Storebadge service for your business. Here you will find information on subjects such as policies, fees, integration, store setup and more.

What are the benefits of Storebadge for my business?

Trust is a key component in sales. If people feel that your business is trustworthy it is more likely that they will become customers. The Storebadge service is designed to strengthen your brand impact and raise the confidence of the visitors to your business. Storebadge will also enhance the SEO footprint, boosting traffic and thereby sales. The only thing you need to do is to provide your customer with a great shopping experience and encourage your customers to share their review.
Key benefits
  • One platform - All reviews
  • Improved conversion rate
  • Insights about your trust data
  • Higher trust from new visitors equals increase sales
  • Made for international use- ONE service across multiple markets
  • Easy-one script installation
  • Strong SEO footprint yields more traffic to your business
  • Social sharing features built in

How do public customer reviews affect my brand?

Customer feedback is valuable, the Storebadge system will help you gain further insights in both your strengths and weaknesses. The ratings over time will reveal trends, and what you need to do to improve customer satisfaction. Learning from the reviews to improve customer satisfaction will strengthen your brand. Helping our customers enhance and strengthen their brands is ultimately our goal with the Storebadge service.

How do ratings and reviews affect SEO for my business?

The steady stream of unique content generated by your customers ratings and reviews via Storebadge will give your website more link juice. This will improve your websites ranking in search engines and thereby providing your website with a fresh stream of traffic.

Can I as the business manager edit or change reviews?

You are not able to edit or change an review posted about your business. You are however able to block a review from being published if you find that the content is in breach of our User terms. If a business manager and a user disagree regarding the blocking of an review Storebadge will decide if the block shall remain in force or not in accordance with the User terms.

Will the Storebadge integration affect performance of my website?

No, we have made sure that the technical solution for the Storebadge should not effect the technical performance of your website.

What will happen if my business gets more reviews than the limit of my account?

Congratulations when you do! Storebadge goal is to grow with our customers, if you get more orders than your account limit allows we will request you to upgrade your account.

Can I use Storebadge for all my websites / domains?

Yes , you are able to set up multiple websites for all your domains. If you use different websites for different markets you simply set up a new website in your Storebadge admin interface. You may use different domain, sub domains or sub folders to define different websites.The only limitation is that the websites need to be owned and operated by the same legal entity as stated on the account.

What are the benefits of customer reviews?

Customer reviews are core to the Storebadge service. It will give you valuable feedback from your customers and they will be able to let others know about their shopping experience in your business. The better you manage the shopping experience the more likely you are to gain the positive effects of the customer reviews.

How do I obtain reviews for my business?

Storebadge will collect reviews about your store from public review sites. If you use our automated review service your customers will be encouraged to write a review a few days after they make a purchase from your store. You will be notified of all new reviews, you are also able to overlook and respond to reviews in your admin panel.

What are rapid review invites?

Storebadge rapid review invites will give you a great start. Our rapid reviews service lets you send review invites to your customers for orders made prior to your Storebadge integration.

What about complaints?

Unfortunately all your customers may not be happy with their shopping experience. This may be due to factors outside of your immediate control such as faulty products or delayed delivery. But complaints can also be an opportunity to gain positive marketing for your shop, it's all down to how you handle the complaints. When you receive a bad review you are able to write a reply in order to resolve the situation with the customer, your reply is open for everyone to see. A good review is valuable marketing for your business. Not that you can only post replies to reviews originally posted on the Storebadge platform.

Can ratings be changed?

Yes, when the author of the review receives a reply he will be asked to make a new assessment of his rating. For that reason Storebadge recommends to use the reply function - especially if the review is considered to be a complaint.

What does a Storebadge subscription include and what does it cost?

The Storebadge subscription comes in four levels, we offer a 30 days trail on all our plans. Read more about pricing and features here.

What more can I do in order to improve sales on my website?

Ratings & reviews is an effective way to gain trust but it is not the only way. Other factors are crucial well, and getting it all right is important. We have listed some general issues that you might want to verify.
Business owners To Do´s
  • Make sure all content in your website is free from typos and that the content it is written in a comprehensive and clear manner.
  • Have detailed descriptions on all your merchandise.
  • Make sure the flow in your website (from start-page to checkout) is easily understandable to everyone.
  • Make sure that all product images in the website are of a high quality.
  • If you have translated content on your website, make sure it´s proofed by someone with native language skills and knowledge about your website/products.
  • Make sure your visitors understand the pricing information (including all fees and taxes), delivery time / stocks status. This is all important to your customers.
  • Use familiar payment options (may vary on different markets)

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