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Frequently asked questions

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How do I implement Storebadge on my website ?
Simple - just get your Storebadge account and copy the Sidebar script. Paste the script code in your website template or in Google tag manager.
What sources can i aggregate reviews from ?
Storebadge collects and aggragate your reviews from soruces like price comparison and review sites. Up to 1000 reviews per soruce can be indexed in retrospect provided that the content is publicly available.
How can Storebadge help increase my sales ?
By promoting reviews from your customers on your site. It will help you gain trust and thereby improve your conversion.
How do I get more reviews for my store ?
By using the automated review invition service thats is included in all our plans. It will boost your review count in no-time!
How does the Storebadge rating work ?
The Storebadge rating algorithm will calulate the rating from a limited number of reviews per source. To attain a Storebadge rating your store/source needs at least 10 reviews. Stores or soruces with less than 10 reviews will be attributed a 3-star rating.
What is review limit ?
Each Storebadge plan has a review limit. The limit include all reviews that we index about your store.

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